A Review of the Scriptural Principles which form a Confession of Faith at Baptism

In question and answer format with accompanying commentary based on the writings of brethren John Thomas & Robert Roberts


Includes the following:

 The Responsibility of Examining Brethren, A Statement of the Faith forming Our basis of fellowship, The Common Constitution of Berean Christadelphian Ecclesias, The Restatement of the Always-held Berean Position, and articles by bro. Roberts on Fellowship and the Atonement


The Responsibility of Examining Bretheren

A Word Before Examination

Part 1

Our Submission To God
Faith And The Gospel
What The Bible Reveals Concerning God
Angels And What Scripture Reveals Concerning Spiritual And Natural Bodies
Concerning Man
Sin In Its Two Aspects

Part 2

God’s Plan Of Restoration Centred In The Lord Jesus Christ
Concerning The Death Of Christ And The Way Of Salvation
The Essence Of God’s Plan Of Salvation
The False Doctrine Of Substitution
The Bible Devil And Satan.
The Principle Of Obedience As The Basis Of Our Acceptance

Part 3

Faith, How Sin Entered Into The World, The First Promise To The Tower Of Babel
After The Fall In Eden To The Call Of Abram

Part 4

Abraham And The Hope Of The Promise Made Unto The Fathers
Yahweh’s Purpose Developed Through Isaac To The Time Of Moses
Israel At Sinai
Sabbath Keeping
The Mosaic Covenant
Concerning Israel After The Giving Of The Law To Their Entering Into The Promised Land
Israel Under The Judges
Israel Desires A King

Part 5

The Covenant Made With David
The History Of The Kingdoms Of Judah And Israel
What Christ Taught Concerning The Kingdom Of God
The Second Advent Of Christ, The Resurrection, Responsibility And Judgement
Concerning Christ As The Vanquisher Of The Gentiles And The Restorer Of Israel
Yahweh’s Purpose Developed During The Millennium

Part 6

Our Conduct As Servants Of Righteousness
Suing At Law And Jury Service
The Love Of Money
Individual Offences
Holy Spirit
The Breaking Of Bread
Divorce, Remarriage, Marriage Outside The Truth And Polygamy

At Baptism

A Statement Of The Faith - Forming Our Basis Of Fellowship

Truth To Be Received
Doctrines To Be Rejected
The Commandments Of Christ

The Common Constitution Of Berean Christadelphian Ecclesias

A Restatement Of The Always-Held Berean Position

The Restatement As Approved in 1960

‏‎Our Identity and our name
1. The Nature and Sacrifice of Christ
   --Four Errors to be Rejected
   --Six Truths to be Accepted
2. Resurrectional Responsibility
3. Evolution
4. Conferences
   --Fraternal Gatherings from various places
5. Suing at Law
6. Divorce—In Relation To the Brethren and Sisters of Christ
7. Worldliness
8. Military Service
9. The Formula for Fellowship

Fellowship - Its Nature and Conditions

The First Series
The Second Series

The Truth Concerning Christ's Offering For Himself First Made a Matter of Fellowship in 1898

The True Christadelphian Ecclesia


I.  Does God hear the prayers of the unbaptised?
II. The False Doctrine of Substitution Explained and Refuted